Well this is another adaptation of DjMgyx.net, I guess it’s about the 5th or 6th version, I originally started out with a plan old HTML page thrown together in notepad, and then evolved to Dream Weaver with a bit of flash bits here and there. 

Eventually I progressed to using Postnuke, but a closing of a server forced me into taking the site down and hurrying to put it back up under another company and in doing so, realized that not all servers run the same or allows the same features to be run without error. I learned that some of the simple things I ran with ease at the old host site were a major pain in the ass and opted to try several other options, due to a small vulnerability in the Postnuke scripting that allowed unhindered access for a short while. Don’t get me wrong I still dig Postnuke, but until I find a host that will run it well and once Gallery2 and Postnuke start to play well with each other, I’ll stick with alt CMS systems. 

Ironically once i typed that bit out I realized Postnuke has a lot of cool stuff, that I don’t use, and really will prolly never use, and thus I’m likely to stick with a blog oriented CMS instead, it’s much simpler to post and manage. 

Anyway back to the point of this page. This page is well about my life, what happens and the shit I see. Yeah they’ll be links to the photo gallery for all the lil parties and stuff like before, but mainly it’s about the shit I see going on and experience. Over the next few months I’ll be taking all my saved posts from my other blog sites and so forth and merging them here. So keep an eye out and for those who happen across here, no I don’t censor any of the pics I put up, like in spades “If it lays…it plays!” 

Holla – 


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