Vybe Live @ Oscar Taylors 6-5-09

So after a very long hiatus from the scene, I decided to roll out again and check out Wisdom Soul’s Vybe Poetry Night at Oscar Taylor’s. Click the logo to see the pics

Vybe Live 3yr Anniversary @ The Door 8-19-08

Three years in the groove and still holdin it down, Wisdom Soul’s Vybe Spoken Word and Poetry evenings have been heating up the valley for some time now even with venue changes, life changes and world events, one thing remains…The Continue reading Vybe Live 3yr Anniversary @ The Door 8-19-08

Vybe Live @ The Door 8-12-08

A very later drop-in at Vybe, brought about a surprise our Cali rider ‘Cruiser’ Anna, happened to be in town.

Vybe Live @ The Door 6-24-08

So the door is under new management and Vybe was “blessed” with the new owners guest appearance.

Vybe Live @ The Door 4-08-08

This weeks Vybe Live event had a special guest appearance by Dave Tolliver, lead singer for the hit 90’s group Men At Large CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS