Being Broke Sucks!

Most people at some point in their lives have said these very same words and for most it meant they didn’t have much play money. Whats play money? That’s the money you play with literally or throw away money, I Continue reading Being Broke Sucks!

2013 in Review ???

Yeah that’s  not gonna happen, everyone does it all the time and to be honest I really don’t feel like trying to recall the year at the moment. Instead I’ll pick one cool thing to go over that i did Continue reading 2013 in Review ???

Tryin New Things

Well with the acquisition of My new camera, and with the DZ with her new cameras, I’m leaning more into the whole photo thing, or at least realizing that’s where things have been heading for sometime now, just even more Continue reading Tryin New Things

TV Reviews

With the economy the way it is, my wallet is limiting the excursions I am able to conduct to new restaurants to review, I’ve forced myself to review some of the shows that I follow, and some new ones as Continue reading TV Reviews

The Sock Hop 4-03-09

So The Girls: Deyjah, Mykalah, and Raven had a Father Daughter Dance they wanted to go to and was deemed the prime candidate to take them to it. So trying to make record breaking time in order to make it Continue reading The Sock Hop 4-03-09

DZ and JJ

So what was going to be a driving filled day to head down to Sierra Vista turned into a mild mannered day of hanging out about town. After a overfilled breakfast at The Good Egg, the day quickly turned from Continue reading DZ and JJ

California Get-A-Way to San Diego

Hittin the Road We Made It Sunset in the harbor Breakfast @ Daybreak Cafe’ Welcome To Sea World Sky Tower Otters Bat Rays Rockin Out with The Starfish Moreton Bay Fig Takin a break and makin a Plan Shamu Show Continue reading California Get-A-Way to San Diego

Texas…we rode…we saw…we got tickets!

Riding To Tx 2-27-09 Tones Wheelie Attempts Click Here For More Pics We’ve Arrived 2-27-09 Click Here For More Pics Torx 2-27-09 Click Here For More Pics Saturday Football 2-28-09 Click Here For More Pics Sat Ride Stunt Race 2-28-09 Continue reading Texas…we rode…we saw…we got tickets!

WordPress for itouch and iphone

So i have discovered the iTouch and iPhone have a wordpress app that allows me to post directly from my iTouch or iPhone. Granted internat access is requires. I’d still allows me to make posts and then save them as Continue reading WordPress for itouch and iphone

mass updates

yeah I’m so far behind I find myself doing mass updates to both mine and RPM’s site, I think it’s definitely time to implement the time limit to wait for pictures from other people. It won’t solve the problem but Continue reading mass updates

Iguana Macks 2-19-09

So after a lil reverse happy hour at San Tan Brewery, we decided to roll out and check out a few others spots before the evening came to a close. Originally the plan was to hit up the Draft House, Continue reading Iguana Macks 2-19-09