Deborah’s 34th at Warren’s Jazz Bistro

And these are the days of our lives…. well at least the music was good.

A small group of friends gathered for  a night of entertainment at Warrens Jazz Bistro to celebrate Deborahs (Rhedboa Photography) 34th B-Day. I had heard of the small spot in the east valley previously and was  unable to make the invitation that had previously been extended. But alas the schedule was cleared and the evening festivities were set in motion. It was described before as  a “Grown N Sexy” environment, and as a pulled up and heard the live band playing I figured the claim had to be true.  The cover band, who I thought was the main entertainment, was doing a rendition of the Stevie Wonder track  followed up quickly a by a Temptations Mega Melody.

The atmosphere screamed grown folks with an air of sophistication, but that was killed off when I saw some seniors celebrating someones 70th birthday.  They may have been 70, but they were acting 50, stretching to get back to 40, aching to peak back at 30.  I had an idea of who was going to be there but would have figured I wouldn’t be the only guy there, that was an epic fail, but  as Thya put it, “you’re the only man sitting at a table full of beautiful women, so far your the pimp of this place”.

The food was a little on the pricier side of things compared to lets say Red Lobster or Olive Garden, but within reason and definitely a better quality even though my dish was a bit cooler than expected to which the waitress had it promptly warmed up. For an example of there menu and some additional info on the establishment check out there site.

After a short intermission the main band Relic took the stage for the rest of the evening, taking the room from classic Marvin Gaye to Mary J Blige, back to Chic and the SOS band, and even touching on some newer tracks such as John Legend,Next settling the room into a groove with a Michael Jackson “Rock with You” and “Remember the Time”.

Overall a great time was had by all, the only drawback was the inconsistent wait staff and chalky cheesecake, everything else was great and I will definitely be going back if even for a drink or two.

Check out the pics from the evening by clicking the banner below



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