Happy Birthday Miguel!

From Electric- Eclipse.com.
The Revolution came to say Happy Birthday

Miguel Sanchez is my son Nolan’s best friend. He has a rare form of cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma and has been undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments for the past several months. He is unable to attend school or do many of the things he was used to doing because of the disease. When I told my friends Mike and Terry about Miguel, they said their motorcycle club wanted to meet him and help out his family. On Saturday, 14 bikes rolled into Miguel’s neighborhood and gave him a birthday he and his family will never forget! The club had held fundraisers and made a generous cash donation to the family, plus they took Miguel, his Mom, his sister and Nolan for rides on their bikes. Miguel and Nolan want to start a motorcycle fund so they can buy bikes and join the Revolution when they turn 16 🙂

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