Revolution Does El Paso…Again

Revolution Phoenix, loaded up the trucks trailers and trunks and began and weekend of trail-blazzin adventure to good ole TX, to visit and induct their current prospects and El Paso Chapter into the fold as full members and a full chapter club. While some were getting over whatever bug they had and some found themselves  in mid battle with it, while  others started to get the signs of the war to come. Needless to say here’s the rundown before the pics…

  • 3 gym bags of Fireworks
  • 1 blown 954 head gasket
  • 7 plates of bacon
  • 1 missing French Slam-Wich
  • 3 Black and Blue backs
  • 1 failed attempt at a sustained motorcycles flight
  • 1 plaque that took 10 minutes
  • 1 Angry Night Manager
  • 1 Drunk Security guard
  • 1 Knocked out club go-oer
  • 1 Free Hotel room
  • 1 Lost wallet
  • 1 Found wallet
  • 72 hours of fun

and now for the pics







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