Rosita’s Fine Mexican Food

Rositas Fine Mexican Food The 1st of many hopefully, Rosita’s Fine Mexican Food, It’s been a landmark in my neighborhood since I’ve moved there 6yrs ago. I  don’t know why I never went there, just something about the plain sign out front and lack of windows to the outside, quickly made me think of sweat factory meets Dusk till Dawn, but It’s my new thing to take a chance on something new, I mean what’s the worst that can happen.

This  review is a little odd, because we (The DZ and I) went 2x’s and while she had good experiences both times, my 2nd was a little off, mainly because the ‘try something new theory” came back to bite me in the ass.

The DZ – Fresh Mexican food, in an old style 80’s throw back atmosphere is what you will find at Rosita’s. The food was fresh and prepared exactly as I asked. I had mini nachos which were topped with tomatoes, olives, onions, jalapenos, and guacamole. The chips sit in a bed of re-fried beans and had plenty of cheese to go around. They are perfect if you don’t like the usual rice and beans served with every Mexican dish ever made.  The guacamole was a little to creamy and thin but was ok none the less. They do not offer ground beef anything so beware. I ordered a chicken enchilada and they did not skimp on the meat, sauce, or cheese and it was very tasty.

The prices were very affordable and the service was quick and pleasant. Rosita’s has large booths or roomy both/table seating only. The tables were big enough to put all of our food on so that is always a plus. The drinks were severed in extra large glasses which is also a plus.

I give them 3.5 stars because they do not serve Coke or ground beef. Also the bathroom could use a good sprucing up, however I will say it was clean.

Dj Mgyx – The first trip I thought even though this a new spot,  I’ll stick with something pretty standard at most Mexican restaurants and order the carne asada tacos.  As we waited I discussed with Deborah my thoughts on a restaurant review section of the site and she agreed it would be a good idea, so we started right then.

  • Chips and Salsa, looked and tasted homemade, but not warmed up before being presented
  • Huge menu selection
  • Salsa was not bland but was not hot enough for either one of us
  • Cane Asada was well seasoned and not dried out like most other locations
  • Fresh sour cream, guacamole and onions. not stale dried out left overs, even though the guacamole looked like whipped baby food or baby spat up green peas (was that too much for a food review, maybe, but you got the visual 😛 )
  • Tortillas were warmed and fresh but a could have used and extra 2 for the amount of meat provided
  • Drinks were tall plastics, great for when your dying of thirst.
  • Wait staff was pleasant if not a little forgetful that we were the only 2 in the dining

Overall it was a pleasant experience no blaring mariachi’s or half distorted tubas bouncing off the walls.  We sat and discussed that the restaurant itself looked to half been something else in a past life, perhaps a small office but from the looks of it, I’m thinking dry cleaner or pizza parlor, but like I said before the lack of windows could easily been the deliberate purpose of an age forgotten in east Chandler, who knows!

Now the 2nd trip was a bit more disconcerting, though it was only a day apart Deborah felt like nachos and I thought I’d give the rest of the large menu selection a try, so I went with the sampler platter with

  • 2 mini beef chimi’s
  • 2 mini beef taco’s
  • 2 mini chicken taco’s
  • 2 mini beef flauta’s

After a few bites I knew one of 2 things, either they fired the cook from the night before or I was catching a cold because nothing  had enough seasoning or flavor to it, with the exception to the salsa. I added a fairly large dosage of the hot hot sauce to the regular salsa and manage to kick it up a notch, enough for me probably not enough for Deborah though, but she had jalapenos to contend with anyway.

So overall cheap and okay on the taste I give it a solid it a solid 3 stars, mainly because the waitress left us there unattended for quite some time and never told us if we needed to bring the check up to check out or just leave it. and all the meet is shredded.


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