***Updated***Birthday trip to El paso

So you know it’s pretty bad when you pack up a $1000 camera for a 4 day weekend and only manage to take it out of the bag on the last day. Not just the last day, but the last day 20min before you leave wherever you were at and headed back to where your fun. Yeah that was me, this weekend, but apparently there were other paparazzi there and I’m sure in the coming week….eh eh month, I’ll get those pics to add to this post but till then enjoy these final moments.  So here’s a small teaser of how the trip began…kids don’t try this one at home

what’s so unusual you ask…this was on i-10 at around 85mph. Click for the video!
Made it thru the weekend with no major injuries…headed back home. Click for more pictures

More pictures added to the gallery, click the pic above and peep em out.

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