Damn…this year is already over!

Yall know how I be…busy as hell and this holiday season has been no different especially with all the club functions and family functions toss in a lil work bs and and ya got yourself a migraine margarita. With my only salvation being a 948cc powered rocket on wheels and a curvaceous constant, the moments of reprieve are well worth the sacrifices of time.

Any who, most of you have by now seen all the charity events we (RPM) has done this year and of course what better way to end it all than with a bang. That’s right it’s time to kiss this years goodbye and bring on the new year with new hopes new joys and even a new president, yes we can and we did.

So the DZ posed a question for the masses, to which I will forward to you all. “What is your New Years Resolution?” now I’m sure I’ve done some resolutions back in the day and if you want to see, well be my guest to scan through all the archives from way back in the Xanga days and let me know. Long story short here’s my list, whether or not I make them all is one thing, but my new thing has been to try something new so I figure I’ll give it a whirl.

My Top 10 New Years Resolutions…That I just came of with out that abyss called my…head!

  1. Totally kick the nicotine habit, I’ve been doing great but still relapse every once and again
  2. Stick to my 3 day workout plan, pending I don’t take a 120mph dirt dive or any other injury induced vacations
  3. Clean out my garage and re-organize
  4. Donate all the old clothes I no longer even think about wearing
  5. Acquire and maintain 2 running, non POS, bikes. Your my boy Juggy but ya gotta go, and JJ you’re starting to drop off since our dirt bonding session.
  6. Produce and publish at least 4 Podcast mixes
  7. Sell my CDX’s and replace them with Technics
  8. Lose 10 pounds by Feburary 1st
  9. Save enough money to take a vacation out of the country or take a cruise
  10. Create and have at least one item accomplished off my Bucketlist

Okay that’s it, there it’s set in stone. I’ll try my damndest but no garuntees as life does not offer such things. Anyway take a peek over at the DZ and drop a line and let here know what your resolutions are.

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