Epiphany’s …who knew

I was updating the Galleries last night when a unexpected wonder occurred…I clicked the wrong button. I suppose it was more of an epiphany than a wonder, as the screen paused to load what i thought would be an admin section of WordPress I glanced the status bar and realized it was loading the comment page instead.

bright-ideaI hadn’t recalled  ever looking at the comment section of the site, as I’m usually more focused on updating articles and stories, nonetheless I let the page load and saw that I had well over 100 comments but i hadn’t remembered getting over 100 notices. In fact i hadn’t received more than 10 since i started this revision of the site, so I clicked on on one of them to see what article some weary surfer had stumbled upon to leave their words of wisdom. It was then that I saw that the migration from Xanga brought over not only the articles but the posts as well.

Cool I know

Curiously I clicked on the article and began to read, it was over 5 years old, and that’s when it happened, that’s when I realized I had totally become seduced by it, I had taken dabbled in it’s dark path and had wondered well beyond the shining of the light that once was. I had lost site of why I started a blog/site to begin with, no, what that reason had evolved to become beyond it’s original function. I had forgotten why i began writing in the 1st place, I actually enjoyed it, whether it was a recap of the day,or daydream turned literary, or trying to deal with life in general, I had lost my way, and I never saw the fork in the road to chose.

I suppose the realization was bound to happen. Since the start of the AZ Double Trouble Site and the constant event appearances, I’ll admit I’ve steadily slacked on updating this site. So along with the bet Mike and I have, I’ve made a resolution to actually get back into doing one of the things I truly enjoy doing which is this….writing, and not just event updates and recaps from night from The Door. I mean honestly it’s the same shit every week, but that’s what keeps many of us going back to it, but something else, something more, and as of now it’ll likely be the next installment of The Darkest Hour.

Call it bravado call it, and unspoken ego trip, call it an over used cliche, but the fact of the matter is I miss it, I want it back, and I think i was damn good at it. That’s right the conversation in my head will be heard, the revolution won’t be televised it’ll be parsed via data packets over a fiber optics lines spanning the globe. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.


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