If you love something….

Oh how many times I’ve seen or heard the bumper sticker or meme online or heard it said amongst random crowds obviously in a attempt to sway some poor lowly person going through some depth of relationship change in their life. Ironically when this occurs, I usually revert back to memory of my dads Ford Sable pulling it to the driveway at the house we lived in when I attended high school. It’s an odd association I know buts that’s where I first saw the saying in print. It was on a sparkling purple and black bumper sticker. What I’d didn’t know at the time is that there was apparently more to the sticker but had somehow been removed, either intentionally or by simple where and tear. A few years later I saw it again but this time at a roadside gas station when on a rare occasion my dad had let my drive the lions share of a road trip to El Paso, Tx for a doctors appointment. Of course many years later I realized why on my very own trip from Phoenix to El Paso on my motorcycle as a part of Revolution Phoenix MC. The stretch of road from the highway 90 turn off to well anywhere of significance, is boring as hell and subject to frequent bouts of mental drifting.

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