That’s gonna leave a mark!!!

And it sure the hell did. This will be short since typing with one hand takes twice as long and gets a bit painful after a while.

So last Friday we were on our way to San Diego, initially we were gonna leave sat morning but me and wiz were veto’d. Anyway moving on, we took 10 to maricopa and were headed south to link up with the 8, we never made it that far.

About 70 miles out i came into what looked like a sweeping left hander. I saw Tone lean harder and cut in and figured I’d get a jump on the corner and started out wide to cut in easier. well while doing so i was still accelerating in, around 90ish and realized this is way sharper than anticipated and lean a cheek off and started to push away. While doing so the wheels to the bike were further right than i thought and clipped a side marker.

At 1st i thought nothing off it after i thought i felt the bike settle but alas it turns out i was on 1 wheel. I know this cuz i was no longer ablt to steer other than what lil lean i had. I’ve never been one to wheelie so i didn’t know hot to steer with just the rear wheel. so i assumed i should take the same course of actions as if i was on 2 wheels. i pulled myself back up as much as possible which in turn also kept the wheel up till i was straight and what i thought was a tap to the rear brake to drop the front down hopefully with enuff time to slow down and recover from this now huge disaster in progress.

The front in did drop and for a few moments i thought i could simply ride it out like it was a dirt bike. so as i scooted forward all the while taping the rear and down shifting, the front slid out from under me as i went into a small divet, quickly followed by the rear. This ship was sinking and with lil to no more option available i bailed out, with one last tap to the rear brake using it has my launch point sending the bike into a low side and hoping to ease the inevitable damage to lil red sexy as possible.

sliding into home plate ain’t got shit on sliding off a bike doin between 70-50, which was the last series of numbers i read off the gauges. I hit the ground hard and immediately popped my right shoulder out upon impact, which at the time i thought was broken. then rolled and popped my left shoulder out which may actually be more, and began a wild series of tumbles. I kept my eyes on the bike and cover my face for the most part which is probably what broke my right thumb and wrist and fractured my left wrist, but i remembered how josh crashed and his shield shattered in on him, and didn’t want to take that chance.

Then the headlights to lil red sexy was gone as was the glow from Tone taillights, and i was alone and it was oddly quiet even with my ipod blaring in my ear, and then i was weightless for was seemed like forever, i’d tumbled over something that had in turn sent me back into the air. As the night sky came up on the horizon of my vision i thought about how i really wished i’d kissed her bye earlier that day in the parking lot, but hadn’t due to it being at work and all, and i wondered just how mad/upset she’d be when someone told her about what had just happened, ans a sinking feeling came over me, followed by the rush of actually falling and in turn the sudden impact to the ground again, which in turn led to more tumbling.

I probably rolled 5 more times until the shear repetitiveness of it became annoying, and almost laughing at how this is probably close to how marvel felt. so figuring i was just gonna keep on rolling unless i did something, i spread my arms and legs out as best i could to put and abrupt end to this absurd motion. At some point my shoulders had popped back in, probably due to the landing on them on the 2nd impact, for when i extended them this time the right popped with a snap again, sending me sliding the last few feet.

i took a moment to see if i could hear the bike running but the ipod was 2 loud, and i couln’t seem to reach my pocket to shut it off. to the right i could see a glow to the left pitch blackness. I ran a sort of self diagnostics but before i tried any serious movements and determined my wrists were either sprained or broken and my thumb was either jammed or broken. moving my legs i knew that same ankle from before ws goin to be an issues again. I needed to move in case wiz, unc and mike flew past so i could be seen and just then i heard tones Hindle coming back around. To the left i could see the headlights to the truck and mikes under glow.

After tone helped me up and get up and assessing all the damage we loaded up and headed to the gilbert hospital off riggs, it has the shortest wait time for their er, and so the dr’s confirmed for the most part what i already knew

2 broken wrists
1 severely broken and displaced thumb
1 fractured/sprained ankle – too much swelling and debris from th previous breaks to tell if it’s new damage
2 dislocated shoulders – one worse than the other simply because it’s never popped out before

Q’s already assessing lil red sexy’s recovery plan, while I recover from the accident and next day surgery to fix my wrists. this definitely won’t deter me from riding, and even though I’m not the best, all of us will go down one day, I’m glad my friends were there when my day came.

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