The Rebirth…

The Rebirth…

Officially a year away, and life is what it is,  I know people hate that saying but in its simplest form its still holds true “it is what it is” until you change it.  I suppose there’s really more to it than that and those details I’m sure will come to light in due time. This site and my writing have been neglected for far to long and because of it, in a since I have lost who I once was and sight of where I wanted to be. I scoffed and what I thought was a pretentious saying “To thy own self be true” and in turn  I compromised on some aspects of my life and its come back to bite me in the ass in more ways than one. So instead of what i would previously call and mind blowing epiphany I will simply call it a rebirth.

The first part of this rebirth is my general attitude call it taking a step backwards but in comparison when I was perceived as a complete ass simply because I was brutally honest about a lot of things life was much simpler. You either knew me and liked me for who and what i stood for, you tolerated me or simply couldn’t stand me and thus was non of my concern. Will to sum it all up I’m back and to hopefully prove that fact I’m here writing it down and to hopefully continue to do so on a weekly if not more basis. at the end of the year many people set lofty goals for themselves and 99% of the time within 3 months these goals are forgotten and by the wayside simply due to the fact that life catches up with all of us and time stops for no one.

I know I’ve said it before, but as with the aforementioned biting in the ass statement this time it will be different. For the following reasons.

  • I’m being more realistic in this goal by setting a weekly time table for writing and not photography, mainly because in order for me to stick with a photo project like a 365 or 52 photo project i need to have at least some interest in the subject that I am shooting and for the last year they opportunity has been quite vacant with the exception of a few commissioned projects.
  • Writing provides more of a therapeutic aspect to my life than photography
  • Enough time has elapsed to sit and write out many of the thoughts I have had over the last few years and a lot of events have impacted my life since the last real writing I have done so content ideas are not in short supply.
  • I’m broke about to cancel my cable and really wont have much else to do.

With all of that being the case Sundays will likely be the submission date for each week allowing me time to reflect the week and anticipate the week to come.

So if you still follow this page or even occasionally check in on it the following year will more than likely sum up whats been missed over the last few years.

As a small side note if I write something that involves you or someone you know, please understand just like Facebook you have the option not to read this site and the simple reality of the matter is that these are my thoughts and mine alone thus if you’re offended by something don’t  worry you’ll get over it.

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