The telephone tough guy finds a new home

We’ve all experienced it before, the “Telephone Tough Guy”, The guy who puts up the hard-ass front over the phone but when confronted in person either flat out denies the whole incident or simply cowers away. So my new “money saving” technique is my XBOX 360, yeah I know crazy, but it work. The old laptop was getting no real use and was past its prime, so I decided to trade with Bletz for a XBOX 360, Wireless controllers, and NFS (Need For Speed) Street.

Well if anyone is familiar with the NFS series, they’ll agree that NFS Street is completely different than all the other games within the series, and sadly so is NFS Drift. So after downloading a few demos and deleting most Tom’s Lil bro Chris aka CurroptImmortal, hit me up via XBOX live and turned me on to the Call of Duty Series.

Several demos later and even a small stint of playing The tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series which for awhile was my go to game series.

…the decision to trade was beginning to waiver

I eventually opted to go buy Call of Duty 2, as the 1st Call of Duty was never put out for console, and so I could get a feel for the whole story arc and game play. A day or two alter and I found myself engrossed with the story, wondering or not the main character would make it through to the next and within the 1st 4 days I had completed with the game, and hooked. I tried a few of the Medal of Honor demos as well and found them unsatisfying as well. Even the old faithfulness of Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter, couldn’t curb the need I had to eliminate the Nazi regime and its allies. Within 2 weeks I had purchased all of the available Call of Duty series and between all but “World At War” when “Modern Warfare 2” hit the shelves. One day I’ll go back and finish “WAW”.

The biggest thing that I found with the games was the story behind them and more over the stories between missions. I think most people did as well because when MW2 came out we were hit with the drama and angst of betrayal to a figure head to which anyone who’d played all the other games, had fought so diligently for, I’ll leave it at that for those who still haven’t made through to the end. So finally after going through the game on the 1st two difficulty levels and with increasing peer pressure from CurroptImmortal, I hopped back online for the 1st time in many many years.

Yeah some shit doesn’t change!

A bunch of whinny lil preteens talking as much shit as they can get away with before their older siblings or parent over hears them and annoyed potheads trying to seriously argue back with them. See before it was all good “trash talkin” saying who sucks who got gunned down, that was back in the Ghost Recon Days of yesteryear, now it’s literally lil kids droppin Niggas this and nigga that. Now i can kinda understand the grown pot heads doing it and the so called “thugs” but kids really!’ Then of course ya got ya red neck hillbilly’s droppin just straight up “nigger” this and “nigger”. Now those go straight to “Mute-Ville” as most of us call it, well pretty much anyone annoying goes there. The funny thing is listening to how offended other people who apparently turn out to be white get, when one of there own calls them either one. Corrupt and I tried to have a actuall conversation with one once but it was pointless and they ended up leaving the game after i got thrown onto there team by the automated system and kept killing them off.

I guess the whole point is, simply a reiteration of an old online interpretation I suppose you’d call it.

“Arguing with a person online is like normal person racing a retard, really in the end who’s the retarded one”

or simply put

“It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, by far is the best game I’ve played and continue to play with endless hours new achievements goals and diverse online play.

Iif you don’t mind the constant muting of the barrage of ..well simply put idiots of the world and if your on Xbox Live look me up under my gamer tag djmgyx

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