Thursday August 29, 2002 at 09:35 pm

Thursday August 29, 2002 at 09:35 pm

You know your day is going to be long and drawn out when your roommate calls you at the butt crack of dawn and then proceeds to tell you he needs a favor. A favor you say? At this hour, are you on crack? Ah a favor of the gravest nature, one in which if not resolved to do, would cause great irreparable damage, forcing the cosmic equilibrium to be misaligned. Planet would fall out of the geosynchronous orbits, resulting in a domino effect of such magnitude that all as we know it would crumble before our very eyes. All of this based upon a favor…

“Dude, I need you to bring me my spare set of keys, I locked mine in the car…and it’s running!”


I thought it was a dream until he called back and told me he ahead called Liz to tell her to leave the keys out. Then I noticed Winamp was still playing, even though I know I had disabled the looping of the play list, after the last song ended I realized it actually wasn’t looping, and it was just at the end of the list. But wait that playlist is 3 ½ hours long, why would it still be playing this late? A very difficult and blurry yet still semi quick calculation for my half-asleep state of mind meant that I had less than 4 hrs of sleep. That’s when I looked at my cell on the window sill and noticed that is wasn’t even 7am yet.

Ugh, the bird weren’t even awake yet, nor was Kid, whom was fast asleep on the couch curled up in a ball, and even Crack Head, whom would normally be yapping about me not being up by 10am, was asleep, while my alarms had been going off since 9:45 that morning, was still in bed.

I had already told Tom, that it would be awhile, as if he was making me get up this damn early I was going to work after I dropped off the prized possession. Normally I would have simply gone back home and went back to bed, but since I had to drive 15 miles to drop of the keys I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, and if I did I wouldn’t wake up.

Either I was cranky as all could be, and as I made my way back towards my end of town, realized I should probably take advantage of the morning hours and get my haircut. So after great deliberation, which was really driving by my normal spots only to see them NOT open I decided to take a chance on a little shop across the street form the apartment, which did a fairly decent job for $12 and only shaving the sides, trimming the tips, and shampoo and condition. Yeah talk about low maintenance.

Anyway I stopped by the house to turn off my alarm clocks as I didn’t really plan on being there when they went off, and decided to kick it with Kid for a few minutes and hit up some Frosted Flakes. I have discovered the one valid reason other than “I don’t work till 2” for not getting up in the morning. There is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV at ALL, before 10am, thus what is the point.

I spent 30 minutes repeatedly flipping through 100 channels, only to dismiss what was on within 1 sec and moving on. Morning TV is for geriatrics who enjoy watching Matlock on 5 different channels at the same time, toddlers who can barley speak and simply veg out on Dora the Explorer, Barney, and Teletubbies, and bingeing crack heads who have nothing better to do that watch a stupid talk show about Crackheads who demand their pimps to marry them, or else they’ll drop their marry the fathers uncles, baby’s nieces’ sister in law’s pastor, who also happens to be their pimps, mother’s gay transvestite lover”. I personally think talk shows should have one channel and be banned form all others, it’s a waste of bandwidth, but then again that’s just my opinion.

So now it’s almost midnight, and I’m still at work. I came in at 11am so I’m pulling 12 hrs today, and oh how long and horrid it has been. The day started fine, and then the servers started acting up, to which the admins replied with taking them all down and doing maintenance on them as if nothing was wrong. So as most of us guessed, the day was spent fielding calls from instructors who are supposed to be posting in class today for the start of classes tomorrow complaining that they can’t get in. So to cut a 12hr day short, the day sucked.

Now I’m going home, to go to bed, and unless the earth blows up will not be waking up until at least 10am tomorrow.

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