Supercross 2010 Part 1

yes it’s that time again, every year for the past 4 years, a small group of Sierra Vista friends head to Phoenix to scream and cheer for their favorite AMA Supercross rider.  So this year was no different, though the group has gotten smaller and the vendors have definitely become few and far between with only those with larger stakes in the sport and media being represented.

Of course the pics have always gotta get better.  Last year I sported my Panasonic “point and shoot”, but since I’ve upgraded to a more professional level, the D80 was on duty along with a lender lens (Nikkor 70-300mm) from Deborah.

One thing I soon found out, with the lens its definitely not for close portraits unless you want mid shoulder and up, but for Supercross it was perfect for the most part.

Click the banner to see the practice laps and preliminary heats

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