My entries for the 2nd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

So It’s been some time since done anything like photo walk, i think the last time was back in high school and that was to some animal preserve, so it was interesting to be out and about with a group of people with the same interest, until I realized why i really didn’t like that type of outing with that many people.  The biggest drawback that I’ve experienced is that there are so many people taking the same pictures, granted most are doing it unknowingly, I mean really how are you going to know that the kind 10min in front of you did or didn’t take that same same picture. What makes it bad is when you do know and you take it anyway, and then you see the guy behind you follow in you exact same footsteps. But since know one is a mind reader I guess there’s not a whole lot one can do about it, other than keep the group much smaller so everyone can get a shot and something different and you can feed off of each other easier.

Needless to say I still love candid shots, like these where our guide breaks out the hot blonde model and of course like flys to sugar water…

I wonder if these are for their personal collections
She’s thinkin “hmm….I wonder if these are for their “personal” portfolios”

It took me a really like time to add that picture without not inserting some obscure “revenge of the nerds” comment, especially seeing as I’m sure all of these guys take way better pics than i do, and have been doing so for  a lot longer…maybe…but I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt based on the equipment used.

Here’s the Gallery for the entire day


So after getting the kinks worked out on my camera from the last shoot, I kinda just ventured off from the DZ, CJ, and her son, Logan; who was being used as their model for the day to prevent myself form being sucked into being a copycat photographer for the day.

Here’s the Finals 5 of which I could only submit 2


It was fun either way and the dust storm that came in made the day for me, since even with the help of John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, John Mayer, and other various artist from my i-touch play list, I just couldn’t get into the right mindset till that big cloud came rolling across the city.

You can also see a lot of other submissions from the other people who participated at the following Flickr Group page

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