Closing Out Bike Week

So what was just gunna be a regular day of riding turned into a an epic adventure, a journey, and quest..and finally a long ass day of riding. I guess the adventure part is mainly for myself since Becca had Continue reading Closing Out Bike Week

On the road again

So I finally got juggy back form the shop earlier this week, it appears several of the bearings were old and shot to hell in a hand basket, and of course in the process the speedometer casing decided to shatter Continue reading On the road again

3/18/07 TTF Ride

So a few of us finally got to roll out to TTF this Sunday, Only after several hours of waiting which included a plugging a flat and gathering the remaining riders who weren’t hung over from the night before, all Continue reading 3/18/07 TTF Ride

It’s Been so Long

Okay, so I really need to get caught up with the site, hmm what was the last thing I updated on…Oh yeah the new cowling. So the new cowling doesn’t have a bracket to hold the parking light filler plate, Continue reading It’s Been so Long

Need For Speed Moments (The makeover Pt 2)

Aight so the makeover continues Juggy’s new cowling came in some time ago, and since then I’ve been contemplating whether or not to paint it myself or take to AzSolo Racer and have him do it along with the rest Continue reading Need For Speed Moments (The makeover Pt 2)

Chandler PD

…Fuck em Yeah i said, so what cried 2 tears in a bucket fuck it…u know the rest So Jay rolled by the crib, after Jay so me roll past Amado’s and made plans to roll out with Tone, this Continue reading Chandler PD

I have a Good Feeling about Riding Today…

No this title isn’t about my own feelings, but are the last words Jay says before something bad happens within a 5hr timeframe. How do I know this, because it’s happened twice so far.

Ahh Shit

Okay so yesterday I came home to find Baschien actually behaved…for the most part after being left home alone INSIDE, now all i gotta do is figure out how to keep him off the couch. On another side note, i Continue reading Ahh Shit

Priceless Sunday

So we were kickin it mind’n our own and then Mesa PD wanted to fuck it up for’s all good tho…was a big waste of time for them and nobody really cared that they showed up..hell I just kept Continue reading Priceless Sunday

Snowed In

Well the recent cold weather and lack of other entertaining things to do led me to painting the tank to see how things ‘could” will look when it get professionally done.

Pipes and Paint

So I finally got the exhaust system put on the other day, apparently scorpion was taking to long and Q opted to go with a D&D full system, Juggy sounds means and shoots flames now. 3435 And since it’s been Continue reading Pipes and Paint

Supercross pics uploaded

For all those who missed and awesome race and for those who just wanna peeps out the hot chicks, this years supercross pics are now up along with last years 2007 2928 2006 3368

Caught by the PoPo

So we were out cruising last week after just killin the boredom on a Wednesday night, when alas fate would have it that Johnny law would finally intervene with the Journey of Juggy. Actually it was more or less me Continue reading Caught by the PoPo

Weekend Update

Okay so the plan to have this updated by last weekend (mine, not yours) failed, due to several reasons, but mainly cuz I felt like crap from whatever bug I’ve caught. Anyway I did get a few things accomplished. One Continue reading Weekend Update

Long time no update

Okay I know it’s been a hella long time since I started this, but ” tu sabes…. life happens”. This is just a lil note to let any readers know I’ll be updating possibly later tonight, and if for whatever Continue reading Long time no update