Tuesday January 14, 2003 at 12:13 pm

I have a topic to write about today but that will have to wait until I’m done with the now late weekend update.


My friend and his nephew came up from Sierra Vista the day before, to watch the AMA Supercross event at Bank One Ballpark. So anyway Sunday morning Tom calls to tell me they are headed out in a few hours, so wake my dehydrated body up, and roll over to see them and play with Kid. Kid doesn’t really seem to notice the difference in my hair, to her she still thinks their noodles.

We watched some of the game and rolled to Fry’s, I was going to get a stick of RAM for my system to alleviate the minor bottle neck it’s experiencing but, decided against it when I checked my bank account, the same went for the 100 pack of blank CD-R’s. So after scoping out some possible new camera, new video cards, new memory, and a scanner/printer, basically scoping out everything I would buy if I had an unlimited line of credit, we headed back to the crib, on the way Ty called to ask me if I still wanted to be down with his project, so I told him of course, since I had nothing better to do for 9 hrs out of the day Monday through Friday, and we setup to meet later that night to go over general ideas and layout concepts

I kicked it with kid for while, and showed her how to control the mini-racer I brought over and let her keep it over there to play with, which I doubt I’ll remember in 2 wks, so I’ll just go ahead and say it’s hers now.

Now bored outta my mind I finally decide it’s time to start working on the 3rd phase of the room situation, which was to rebuild the 2 system with the 2 new drives I got from Grimmy. After that got started I was somewhat motivated to keep going, so I re wired my main system, re configured the CAT5 wiring and finally configured the dual monitor setup. Unfortunately the dual monitor setup fell just shy of what I really wanted, which was to be able to watch TV on one system in full screen and work on the other. For whatever reason, possibly due to the onboard video card not being configured with overlay features, when I open the TV tuner with dual display turned on I get no picture. More testing revealed that I can’t move QuickTime clips to the 2nd monitor nor some AVI clips, but such is life, its still kewl having 2 monitors on one system.

Later that night Ty came over, and showed me his designs, which I have to say are hella tight, and I did a quick spread of the few shirts he has left, I say a quick spread, simply because it’s no where near the quality of pictures I would normally take for this situation, and in all actuality I wouldn’t use my digital to begin with I’d use my 35mm, and then have them develop and imported into digital format, that is of course unless I was using Tom’s with his much better than my own. So now I’ve got a real project to work on, including capturing 14hrs of video footage, which at the current time of writing is becoming a pain in my ass.

So that’s it, that was my weekend, I’m sure I missed some shit, but oh well, if I did I guess it wasn’t important!

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