Tuesday January 28, 2003 at 03:44 pm

Well it seems, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, and maybe, just maybe gosh darn it; certain people just don’t like me…

Saturday morning…

I woke up to a noise, not any distinctive noise just some random noise going off around me. Unfortunately I was unable to regain enough consciousness to determine the exact was the cause of the noise, because by the time I did it has already ceased. Annoyed by this I promptly fell back into my Nyquil doze.

Saturday afternoon…

Finally feeling the effect of the over the counter meds wearing off, and with the urge to urinate, I finally decided to get out of bed and see what the roomies were up to. As I made my way back and bumped the mouse on my system to bring it out of sleep, I noticed I had missed a few calls. None of them truly important, simply because no one left any voice messages, so of course I ignored them figuring they would call back if they really needed me. Besides out of the 3 calls missed the only one I recognized was my roommate’s cell, and I already had an assumption to what that was.

The night before they had gone out, and had asked me to use my digital camera and without much thought I simply grunted that they could, as I waited for the final hours of my work day to wear away at my soul. The only question they asked at the time was if it needed batteries and I simply grunted that it likely did and they happily went on their way to a Friday evening of fun. Unfortunately I had felt like crap all day Friday and was well on my way to a medicine buzz when all of this occurred and completely forgot to tell them to make sure the memory stick was in the camera or at least to grab it from the desk, as I was unsure of where exactly it was. I also suppose they probably should have checked themselves as well, but then again if you ask to borrow someone car, do you normally ask if there’s gas in it. Okay maybe some people do, either way, they took off for the night with camera sans memory stick.

So I get home Friday and crash as soon as I walk in the door, I think it was a few hours later, maybe it was the next morning I’m not quite sure, one of them called to ask about the camera and I told them they forgot the memory stick, the rest is simply a blur or more or less a low rumble, as that was about the time I rolled over onto my phone and fell asleep as such.

Back to the story…

Figuring they were calling to hassle me about that night I ignored the call, assuming they would be home with a few hours and I’d hear it then, so why bother calling to hear it. I went about my day mainly taking more meds to try and clear my sinuses, when I think I faintly hear my phone ring again. It turns out I forgot to change it to it’s normal settings so in it’s present state I can barley hear it even if it’s in front of me, of course trying to locate it is more hassle than it as worth and I ignore it as well, until I realize it may be by friend Gemini, trying to call about the site I’m doing for him. So about 2pm I finally grab my phone and scroll through the #’s and call one of the unknown ones back. As I dialed I felt a sense of aw come over me, but didn’t really pay to much attention to it, until after the conversation, and realized it was somewhat déjà vu to a dream I had last week.

I get a male voice on the other line that I don’t recognize and think “Great I just called a fucking telemarketer back or some bill collector”, but to my surprise I was greeted with a “Hey Terrence, this is Ray”, a short pause follows after he realizes I don’t know who the hell he is and he adds “over at Natural Data”. Now I knew I was kind of out of it the majority of the week with massive sinus buildup, and headaches and the overall aching feeling but I knew it was Saturday and I knew my time card didn’t have to be in till Monday, so I knew what was next.


Contact at temp agency

“Yeah I heard you weren’t feeling to hot this week”

“Yeah allergies”

“Yeah I got them myself”

“Yeah it’s kind of funny you called, I was just looking for your number”

“Really, why?”

“I’ll tell ya in a second, so what’s up?”

“Well it looks like UOP is doing some restructuring and…”

Figuring he knew that I knew at this point as was hoping I would save him from having to actually say it, but hey he’s the one getting paid to do this right, best he actually work for the chump change their giving him

“…And it looks like they’re going to be terminating your contract with them”

“Really, did they say why exactly?”

“No, they didn’t, do you think you know why”

“Interesting really, yeah I have a good idea it had to do with my manager telling Dennis they either need to hire me on fulltime or let me go and stop stringing me along”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean my stats have been at the top of that department for months now, yet because I don’t hang out with the clique, I’ve been turned down for every opening I’ve been over qualified for and have yet to be hired on. I also find this somewhat ironic and especially after last weekend incident. All of which started happening when I stopped hanging out within a few of the managers after work”

“Yeah I heard about that?”

“Oh and the reason I was looking for your number was to get placed somewhere else, because I knew they weren’t going to hire me after the let JR and Tom go, and ran Omar out by scheduling him shifts he couldn’t work due to his family needs. I’m the last one of the free thinkers left, so I figure they thought it best to get rid of me now, than hire me and have to really fight to get rid of me later”

Everything after that was just your standard bs, of “Get me another job” and “We’ve got some projects coming up”.

So that was how my lovely weekend started, and I say lovely in a good way. I’ve been looking for reasons to get out and get another job, and get away from such a infestation of political backstabbing and ass kissing, which I understand is everywhere, but damn, that was too small to have the amount of bullshit that was there. And oddly enough even though I fired, I was technically not fired, since I was never hired to begin with and it was a temporary contractual position, and even more peculiar was the huge amount of relief I felt knowing that on Monday I don’t have to walk into that hell hole of fake smiles, and handshakes again. The only bad thing is that I had to give up “B”. I suppose I didn’t have to, but I figure I’d let my friend Anthony take care of him and keep him company.

Okay so as soon as I get off the phone, what do you think is the 1st thing I did?

Call my mom…nope

Call my friends…nope

Call my old manager…nope

I checked for network access, and sure enough like the dumbasses they are, they’ll likely to wait till Monday to revoke it, if even then. Now how stupid is that? Why would you fire, not a tech guru, but someone who know how your shit works and then not delete their accounts immediately afterwards or even beforehand, since apparently they had this planned for Friday. Sure enough all my accounts are still there and active, so I proceed to download all my folders onto my home system. Unfortunately one form of bypassing big brother security there, back fired in this scenario, as I keep all my personal corporate mail in a password protected .pst file stored locally on the drive and not in the main location of my default profile for Outlook, thus making it impossible to get the files remotely via the Outlook Web Access portal I was using.

No worries, I made a quick call to Anthony who will be working tomorrow, and made arrangement for him to upload the file into my staff exchange account and allowing me to pull it directly from the account I setup on my home system as well. Outside of that the only thing I’m worried about is getting my speakers and CD’s from my desk.

I see this has a blessing in disguise, okay more like a bull horn blowing in my ear telling me “the cheese here is old and moldy and you really don’t want it, it’ll make you sick and disgusted with the world”. Which is true, because the only reason why I stayed there was because of the fact that “if” I were ever hired, I could go to school for free, but alas, I’d rather shell out some ends to get a real degree, and save my sanity at the same time. Yeah it’s weird how I always seem to take jobs that drive me crazy after 9 months.

Thus far only 2 people have asked why I haven’t done something in retaliation to them, but like my banner says, ‘Life bring hope and pain, but revenge will never bring redemption”, So even though I have access to over 150,000 user accounts at this moment, and a simple click or 2 of the mouse could severely infect their already unacknowledged to the world servers, I shall simply refrain from such manners and simply leave them with a letter. A letter that may or may not be sent, and if sent, will be sent only I have acquired all of my possession form them. In its current states it’s still a bit rough around the edges and not as punchy as I’d like it to be, but I’ll post it here anyway for everyone’s reading enjoyment.

Well it’s been fun, it’s been real, but not real fun. It appears that though my stats were in the green for more than a number of months that UOP has decided not to hire me on as a permanent employee, and to boot has also terminated my contract with Natural Data.

Am I surprised about this, not really, shocked that they would continue to utilize such inhumane and morally inept tactic, after this last weekends incident. Oh wait some of you may not know this, but another person’s contract was terminated as well, last weekend, yet that person apparently chose other ways to deal with the shady aspect that UOP seems to adhere to. I guess neither one of us, drank enough, partied, enough, kissed enough/sucked enough to warrant being in the UOP clique.

The main reason I’m not surprised is after a fellow co-worker here and at another job, in which we carpooled was terminated nearly 4 months after an incident that was labeled as a warning to all, seeing as it was never mentioned that actually fixing someone’s system resulted in termination. The 2nd incident came when another co-worker was for the most part ran out of UOP, I could trace back incident throughout my 15 months here, but what truly stands out is the countless speeches in which Dennis Meyers repeatedly stated “I don’t see why any one of you couldn’t become a permanent employee in time” , what Dennis fails to state is that to become a permanent employee, you either need to be able to go out and drink with all the right people, sleep around with just enough of the right people, and above all, kiss/lick the asses of all the people.

Either way, eventually the vices of the UOP technical department will come to light and those actions will come back to them 10 fold, although realistically since society seems to be made up of sheep that simply follow the aimless herd, I doubt this will come forth in a bad manner, and just like corporate America they will deny any wrong doing, just as they did when the UOP servers were infect with the Klez and Nimda viri.

In closing I hope you all enjoy the time you have here, and for the temps getting comfortable in whatever chair you may be sitting in today, just be sure to keep and eye over you shoulder, because you’ll never know when there just happens to be no more chairs left for you to sit in, and no their will be no one their to guide you on your way no Dennis, no Lucas, and definitely no Scott James, no you’ll be awaken on nice Saturday morning with birds chirping and kids abound playing to Ray Akers, calling you to let you know your contract is being terminated for an unknown reason.

As you read this, just think the queue is climbing, and just maybe with a bit of compassion UOP may actually decide to acknowledge the issues they have to their student and faculty members, and thus prompt them to actually work to a feasible resolution rather than a temporary fix to hold it together for the next 5 yrs. But we all know this won’t happen and they will simply continue to brain wash their staff, student and faculty members with Krispy Kreme Donuts, generic sodas, and crappy Hungry Howies 3 day old Pizza leftovers.

Take care, have fun, and remember

The queue won’t be there forever; you have to go home sometime Arizona state law says so!

And for those wondering why I don’t start a website about how shady this place is, well there’s no need to, one already exists here!

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  1. *sigh* even after saving the corporate castles by defeating the almighty Klez…gotta love offfice politics all the stress and hustle, makes you wonder why you fought so hard, huh? sorry, dude, I can definitely relate =\You’ll find a better place.

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